Cross-Chain Solution

ByteTrade Blockchain is positioned to solve the problem of value exchange in the blockchain world.

Our exchange solution adopts a new third-party open source project — “PITIO”, which is designed to improve the user experience of ByteTrade blockchain ecology by simplifying the cross-chain deposit and withdraw procedures.

We have realized an unimpeded value exchange between Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, LiteCoin, CyberMiles, and many other blockchains.
Cross-Chain Tech
Based on the ByteTrade blockchain, ByteBulls Dex solution has a complete cross-chain mechanism and now supports mainstream coins/tokens such as BTC USDT ETH ERC20 BCH CMT CRC20 and the list is expanding (over 200).
Blockchain Asset Trading
The users can easily trade between blockchains. The DEx now supports limit/market orders/stop-limit order and multiple orders.
Higher Performance
Higher matching efficiency and faster settlement speed enable a better trading experience. The 11 supernodes based on the blockchain are deployed globally, allowing users to complete transactions in 2 seconds, which is the same trading experiences as Coinbase and Binance.
Blockchain Asset Trading
The users can easily trade between blockchains. The DEx now supports limit/market orders/stop-limit order and multiple orders.

UI/UX Customization

We have a team of experienced UI/UX designers. If you have personalized needs for UI design, we can provide high-quality services to give your exchange a unique brand and usability.
We are also customizing your client portal and adding any additional features you wish.
Our X3 Insight products have been especially tailored for the trading platforms.

X1 Crypto Exchange - Features

All exchanges in our network are forming a liquidity alliance, enjoying a uniform order book depth for the same market, without worrying about the lack of liquidity for cold start.

We provide a variety of devices such as Web, Android App, iOS App and Mobile SDK, which is fully compatible with your business needs.

We can provide easy-to-use fiat currency funding services. Users can purchase BTC or ETH using credit/debit card.

We offer different packages of market-making services to provide liquidity to your exchange and CCXT certified trading APIs to support your custom market making strategy

We provide complete background management tools, including user statistics, financial statistics, asset management, market management, banner management and many other sections, allowing you to configure your exchange with one click.

We provide a referral system that allows you to quickly expand the number of users through invitations between users and quickly spread through social networks.

We provide a decentralized exchange based on blockchain. The user’s assets are directly locked into the smart contract/script address and protected by multiple signatures. You don’t have to worry about the security issues that all centralized systems will face.

We provide a free block explorer that allows you, your customers and any third party to easily query the entire blockchain information, maximizing the spirit of a fair and transparent blockchain.

Our DEx supports multi-language modules. According to your needs, we can customize the language of any country to help you expand your business globally.

The decentralized trading system provided by ByteBulls has the best compliance friendliness. In order to be compatible with the regulations in your area, we can integrate KYC modules into the trading platform.

Our blockchain development team consists of senior R&D engineers with extensive experience in blockchain and smart contract development to help your smart contracts circumvent most development pitfalls.

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