Challenging Banks

Available apps ready for customization. Fast time to market.

P2P Lending

Disrupt the banking Industry with this P2P Lending App ready for the Swiss, European and Asian Markets.

Deferred payment method for e-commerce

E-commerce payment method that allows customers to try out their goods before they pay for for them. Compatible with 600+ e-commerce techs, powered by AI.

Mortgage and Refinancing

Offer your clients the lowest interest rates on the market. Accurate credit risk scoring, disruptive processes, fast client onboarding.

Easy Cash Loans

Mini cash loans app ready for Asian and Chinese Markets.

Easy customization process

We help you to define your needs, to customize the app, and bring it to the market.


Project Analysis

How to customize the app to your business needs.


We work together on your new and unique app.


We test the app and bring it to the market.

App Customer Support

Reduce costs of maintenance

Regular maintenance and updates, efficient technical support, app enrichment and more...

We will be always standing by you

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What Our Clients say ?

You will be introduced to our clients who are using our apps. You will ask them the question and test a working app before you are ready for the next steps.