X1 CORE Series

Start your journey by setting up a decentralized or a centralized crypto exchange. Activate your client onboarding, the CRM, the entire marketing automation and finally add an algo trading automation if needed.

Crypto Exchange

Best-in-class decentralized or centralized crypto exchange with integrated back-office and other blockchain services. We offer a powerful and multi-device crypto exchange ecosystem that simplifies and automates your business.

Trading Automation

The World’s First Professional Algorithmic Crypto Trading Automation. Process live market data from X1 Crypto Exchange and trade cryptocurrencies based on automated trading rules such as technical indicators or statistical arbitrage.

Marketing Automation

The onboarding, CRM and Marketing Automation that fits to your Crypto Exchange. Design and Manage the whole digital presence for your brokerage business. Get more leads and manage efficiently your client lifecycle.

Tokenization Suite

Create and manage any fungible and non fungible tokens. Tokenize your crypto exchange business. Reward clients with tokens. Get all the tools you need to manage your token: White Label Marketplace, Whitel Label Portal and APP.


Secure your business with KYC & AML automation. Empower your clients with premium performance and risk management tools, oversee the risks being undertaken by your clients.


We offer a complete solution for AML: Automated KYC, KYB, Sanctions Screening and Transaction Monitoring, covering Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) compliance and global regulations such as PSD2 and GDPR. Comply with regulatory requirements.

Risk Management

Professional risk analysis tools for your clients delivered in an intuitive format. It helps your clients to understand what drives their portfolio. It helps the crypto exchange to analyze all the risks being undertaken.

Portfolio Management

Professional asset aggregation and analytics in a user-friendly format. The X2 WEALTH provides an overview of all the assets, both bankable and non-bankable, including crypto, stocks, bonds, derivatives...


Empower your customers to optimize their trading strategies through a combination of actionable crypto market sentiment analysis, technical analysis and fundamendal analysis.

Market Sentiment

The X3 Crypto Market Sentiment is bringing a comprehensive set of metrics to your crypto exchange so your clients can get a better picture of what’s happening with their favorite crypto assets and/or crypto markets in general.

Technical Analysis

The X3 Technical Analysis is brining a concise technical outlook of Bullish, Bearish or Neutral across three timeframes to deliver analysis in the moment of action, using interactive charts.

Fundamental Analysis

The X3 Fundamendal Analysis enables your traders and investors to define and test their strategies using both fundamental and technical analysis. The results will show what their annualized returns would have been in the past.

X4 PAY Series

Add multicurrency crypto wallets, any Payment Service Providers, and Custody Services in Switzerland if needed.

Crypto Wallets

Setup easily multicurrency crypto wallets, make outgoing payments, send a transaction to multiple recipients in the same transaction, create and check wallets, balances, addresses and contracts.


We connect every single Payment Service Provider (PSP) to our Ecosystem. Add crypto payment processing to your payment gateway. Low cost of implementation, enhanced security.

Custody Services

We setup digital assets custody services in Switzerland (security tokens, cryptocurrencies (or exchange tokens), stablecoins, utility tokens, E-Money tokens).

X5 Omni X - The OmniChannel eCommerce Solution

Add eCommerce to your brokerage and get more clients by selling trading education: webinars, seminars, online courses. Retain your clients.

Sell Education

Sell online trading courses to get more leads and clients. Offer education about winning trading strategies.

Sell Insights

Sell subscriptions to Crypto Market Sentiment Analysis, to Technical Analysis, to Fundamendal Analysis.

Sell Monitoring

Sell subscriptions to portfolio monitoring and analysis tools and offer to your clients the possibility to overview all their assets.
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