Forming a Swiss Fintech Company with Exporis

Switzerland stands as a premier destination for fintech ventures, thanks to its robust infrastructure, stable economy, and transparent legal system. At Exporis, we specialise in guiding investors through the process of establishing fintech companies in Switzerland, leveraging the country's favourable conditions for business and innovation.

Why Switzerland for Fintech?

Leading Innovation Hub

Switzerland is recognized globally for its innovation, ranking high on the Global Innovation Index. Zurich, in particular, has been the world leader in the fintech sector for the past seven years, attracting numerous tech-driven companies. Zurich's prominence makes it an ideal location for launching and growing fintech enterprises.


Switzerland is home to some of the most successful fintech companies in the world. Among these leaders are Sygnum Bank and SEBA Bank, pioneers in digital asset banking, and Altoo AG, known for its innovative wealth management solutions. Divizend simplifies dividend reclaim processes, while Moneyland offers comprehensive financial comparisons. GenTwo revolutionises the securitization of assets, and Metaco provides cutting-edge digital asset custody solutions. Appway excels in digital onboarding and process automation, Crypto Finance is a key player in crypto asset management, and Trinity focuses on regulatory technology. These companies exemplify the thriving fintech ecosystem in Switzerland, driving innovation and growth in the financial sector.

Business-Friendly Environment

Switzerland offers significant advantages for businesses, including:

  • Tax Benefits: Competitive taxation at the municipal, cantonal, and federal levels.
  • Simplified Business Registration: Efficient processes for company formation.
  • Regulatory Support: Progressive regulations fostering fintech innovation, such as the new fintech licence with less stringent requirements than traditional banking licences.
Strategic Location

Switzerland's strategic location and close trade and economic ties with Europe create excellent conditions for international business operations. The country is highly attractive to various sectors, including financial institutions, IT, fintech companies, and large enterprises.

Key Features of Swiss Fintech

Advanced Infrastructure

Switzerland boasts a well-developed infrastructure that supports business growth and technological advancements. This includes state-of-the-art facilities, high living standards, and a transparent legal framework.


Regulatory Framework

The Swiss regulatory environment is designed to support innovation in financial technology. Recent changes to the Banking Act have introduced a specialised fintech licence, enabling companies to operate within an appropriate regulatory framework without the complexities of traditional banking licences.


Expert Support

At Exporis, our consultancy teams are ready to assist you with every step of forming a fintech company in Switzerland. We provide expert advice on: ● Navigating the regulatory landscape ● Understanding tax implications ● Choosing the optimal canton for your business ● Leveraging local advantages to maximise growth

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Examples of Successful Fintechs in Switzerland

x Digital Payment Solutions

A startup in Zurich developed a cutting-edge mobile payment system that revolutionised transactions for both businesses and consumers, capitalising on Switzerland's strong tech ecosystem.

c Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

An innovative company in Zug, known as "Crypto Valley," leveraged Switzerland’s favourable regulations to become a leader in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency services.


Switzerland offers unparalleled opportunities for fintech companies, combining a tradition of financial excellence with a spirit of innovation. With Exporis, you can navigate the complexities of establishing a fintech business in Switzerland with confidence and ease. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you turn your fintech vision into reality.