Data Protection

Exporis places a high value on confidentiality, availability, and information integrity. We have therefore taken extensive measures to ensure the best possible protection of sensitive and confidential information. 

Our information security management system, established in 2020, has the task of creating, maintaining, and continuously improving the secure handling of information at all levels in a continuous improvement process. We have defined clear responsibilities and processes, and provided the necessary resources for this purpose. Our guideline on information security contains the most important information on this topic.

Our IT administration is responsible for the rapid handling of security incidents, immediate reporting to the ISB and, in the case of data protection relevance, to the DPO. Any contractual obligations towards customers and legal obligations towards authorities (data protection) must also be taken into account.

The management level (creative direction, team leads) supports the awareness of its team members with regard to the appropriate classification and handling of information in our projects and in the event of security incidents and in crisis or emergency situations.  

Our colleagues are responsible for protecting the integrity, availability and confidentiality of the information assets of which they are the owner. They report incidents immediately to the IT administration. 

Reporting information security incidents for clients and partners: contact