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A History Powered by Passion

80’s kids started programming at an earlier age than today’s millennials. My father offered me my first computer in 1985.

In 1992,  I created my first PC XT 286 running on MS-DOS 5.00 and a windows interface until Microsoft created Windows 95 a few years later. The same year I was managing the  school computer network.

In 1993, I started to discover AI which was already a half a century old concept and at that time and it began to be used successfully throughout the technology industry.

Sebastien Ginalski
Sébastien GINALSKI Founding SUPRALOGIC/EXPORIS in 2000

The 1994 saw the first-ever banner ad on the web on But this year I created a software for the minitel network that I planned to sell later to universities. The adoption of the internet started to accelerate. I could read about the progress made in Silicon Valley, making the minitel network obsolete.
This experience helped me to understand that it’s usually more difficult to market a software than to develop it. I decided to prepare a business school education instead of computer science.

That’s why in 1997 I joined INSEEC U Paris Business School, where I had immediately created a Junior Entreprise with a few friends, creating websites for SMEs.

The 1998 was the year when I spent a lot of time in Los Angeles at the UCLA University. I heard about a new search engine coming from Stanford University. This year saw the birth of Google. However, I did not perceive Google as an innovation as its precursor, GOTO.COM was already allowing advertisers to bid against one another for placement in certain search keywords, and presenting users with entirely sponsored results while inventing the first advertising marketplace.

In 1999 I had the opportunity to run my first global digital marketing campaigns and prepare the launch of one of the first digital marketing and development agencies in Paris, SUPRALOGIC that was then acquired by Exporis.

Graduated in September 2000, SUPRALOGIC was fully operational and servicing its first 10 clients.

2000-2006 Supralogic in Paris, France
The Digital Marketing and Development Agency was operational with its own E-Commerce Platform (SUPRAMARKET), CMS (SUPRAMANAGER), Hosting Infrastructure (SUPRAHOSTING), a corporate search engine (SUPRAGATE) and the first in France E-Commerce Company label (SUPRALABEL).

Providing development and consulting services to around 500 clients including:

  • LYXOR ASSET MANAGEMENT: ETFs&Index Trackers Platform
  • ADEQUITY.FR by Société Générale: Investment Banking Portal
  • Société Générale
  • Cortal Consors, currently Consors Bank
  • BULL Group: eLearning Platform and SEO
  • ORANGE GROUP SA: web analytics and KPI’s for European eStores
  • SYNTHESIS BANK in Geneva: Consulting in Digital Marketing, Client acquisition
  • Taiba for Gold and Jewels : e-commerce
  • BHV
  • and hundreds of Startups (eCommerce, Online Dating, Marketplaces, Corporate Websites…)

2006-2021 Exporis in Geneva, Switzerland
In 2006, the software owned by SUPRALOGIC was sold to several hosting and digital marketing agencies, the company has moved its HQ to Geneva from Paris in order to focus on Fintech, Banking and Online Trading industries. The name of Exporis, related to the EXPOnential function in Mathematics  has been used since then and Exporis continued to serve the clients of the former entity.

Exporis has the mission to improve the operational efficiency of SMEs. Using the best in class and the most innovative Swiss SaaS, APIs, APPs, Digital Platforms and Omni-Channel eCommerce.
Always ahead of the Game in order to provide its clients with the most innovative and cost effective online solutions.
Exporis is driving the Digital Transformation and Automation of the Startups, Fintechs and Online Stores.
We create powerful Digital Experiences provided through Software as a Service (SaaS) and Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies.

We are always standing by you, committed to the success of your company.